Katrin Rothe is an author and director of award-winning films. She combines animated film with other formats. She is dedicated to good research, and closeness to the people she portrays.

Her television debut, "Dunkler Lippenstift macht seriöser," a 60-minute documentary, follows two female university graduates as they search for jobs. It screened at numerous festivals and was nominated for the German Television Award in 2004.

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Her documentary "Concrete Gold" shows apartment inspections with prospective buyers of an already lived-in rental apartment in Berlin Mitte. The film received the Adolf Grimme Award 2014, the 3Sat Documentary Award for the best German-language documentary and the journalist award "Der lange Atem".

In 2017, her historical animated film about the Russian Revolution as seen through the eyes of participating artists was released. A festival tour around the world followed. A making of the film, which stood out for its unusual way of making, was shown at Ilmin Museum of Modern Art Seul, Animatorium Zurich and Trickywoman Vienna 2018. In 2019, the DIAF - German Institute for Animated Film - dedicated an exhibition to her at the Dresden Technical Collections.

Very early on, she explored the narrative possibilities of animated film: In "Was tust Du eigentlich...?" she visualized Vox Pop interviews with collage animation, something completely new on TV at the time. In the feature film "Die Ex bin ich," Bert, a squatter who has just taken his own life, appears in flashbacks as an animated film character. In the travel documentary with Kurt Krömer and Steffen Möller, there was a lot of interesting information about Poland in animated blocks, as well as info-comedy. For her docu-series "Stellmichein", which she was able to realize immediately after her television debut, she was already awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2007 for the mix of scenic documentary and animation parts for what the camera cannot film.

About Me

Katrin Rothe was born in East Germany. 1990 she moved to Berlin and studied ‚fine art -experimental filmmaking’ at the University of Art Berlin and CSM London. After she founded Karotoons, a Berlin Label who produced animations for TV and internet. Since 2003 she is working as an freelance film-director. In all her works she combines animation with other genres, preferably documentaries on social issues.

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Filme online:

1917 - der wahre Oktober (90 min, VOD, 4,32€) Untertitel: Englisch, Französisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Koreanisch, Kroatisch, Portugiesisch
Betongold auf Sooner
(52min) oder youtube.com (44 min)
Wildwest im Thälmannpark (45min) auf vimeo.com oder rutube.ru
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, die Mainzer wird geräumt" (45min, VOD, 2,99€, pantaflix)
Die Ex bin ich (90min, 2,99€, vimeo)
Was tust Du eigentlich? (4x3min, Vimeo)
Dark Lipstick makes more serious (60min, Vimeo, Eng subtitles)

Kurzfilme / Shorts online:

Meine Wende, unsere Einheit (5/11) (6 Min, zdf)

English / English Subtitles:

1917 - The real October (90 min, VOD, 2,99€) Subtitles: english, french, russian, spain, korean, croatian, portuguese
Concrete Gold - How the financial crisis fluttered into my livig room" , (52min, vimeo.com)
What Do you do...? (4x3min, Vimeo)

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1917 - Der wahre Oktober oder erhältlich im Buchhandel

Polen für Anfänger Kurt Krömer & Steffen Möller oder erhältlich im Buchhandel

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